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Davie and DMC helped Stuart Finnie take his financial planning business to new heights.

Thanks to Davie, over the last 7 years I have transformed parts of my life that I didn’t fully appreciate required altering and I feel great.


Having first met Davie 7 years ago, I was immediately taken by his enthusiasm for life and in particular training and the promotion of health.

I decided to work with Davie in his capacity as a personal trainer and have continued to do so. Over the initial months and as I placed my trust in Davie, and his experience and knowledge of how to train properly, I immediately began to feel and see the benefits. I am not a gullible person and am not generally know for trusting people easily, or without good reason, but I began feeling fitter, stronger and generally better and my investment, commitment and trust were reaping rewards.

As the student/coach relationship developed, Davie explained that in order for me to fully reap the benefits of my hard training efforts that I should, as the next stage of my journey, review my nutrition. My nutrition and diet, in my mind, were fine and didn’t require to be altered. However, as I quickly realised, Davie’s knowledge and expertise won the day again.

By taking his advice, I quickly benefited again and immediately noticed further improvements in my fitness, strength and general health.

Thanks to Davie, over the last 7 years I have transformed parts of my life that I didn’t fully appreciate required altering and I feel great.

The journey that Davie has guided me through has been fun, full of benefits and one that I would recommend to anyone wanting to feel better about themselves.

In 2012, Davie mentioned that the next stage of his personal development was to consider NLP and the potential benefits that this may offer him. Many years previously, I had studied NLP at entry level and had taken some of these concepts and applied them in my life, so I was interested in Davie’s approach and progress.

Again, Davie’s enthusiasm for this subject was refreshing, as was his almost evangelical desire to help people improve their lives using NLP alongside proper training and nutrition. As Davie developed his expertise in NLP and as he formulated the plan for Davie and DMC, he had my attention.

At that point in my journey, I felt that I required a further step in my development but wasn’t quite sure what. A chat I had with Davie whilst training one day led me to reconsider my somewhat neglected academic life. With Davie acting as the catalyst and mentor, I was ready to take up the challenge and made the decision to aim for the top in terms of professional academic achievement.

As a business owner in the field of Financial and Investment Planning, my goal here for 2013 was to become both a Chartered Financial Planner (awarded by the Chartered Insurance Institute) and a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society. Personally, this would allow me to rightfully consider myself in the top 5% of qualified Financial Planners in the UK.

The task was simple but challenging – pass a further 10 exams. With Davie’s help, I was able to reignite my determination and focus and build my belief that this was achievable. Study, although clearly important, was my personal domain, encouragement, belief and reinforcement of my ability were Davie’s tasks.

Additionally, I cannot stress enough the importance of looking after myself physically and nutritionally in a period of self-imposed mental stress and again Davie’s input here was vital. I am delighted to confirm that I achieved my goal in June 2013 and Davie’s techniques helped me achieve what many would describe as impossible.

As testament to this invaluable help, I have now realigned my professional goals for 2013 and have challenged myself to enter for the highly prestigious title of Chartered Financial Planner of the Year. No doubt the help that Davie can offer me during this rigorous selection process will again be invaluable, so wish me luck!

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