Rebecca's Story

Rebecca Forbes reduced feelings of stress and increased her confidence with a little help from Davie and DMC

During my probation year as a teacher, "stressed" and "overwhelmed" were two words which described how I felt on almost a daily basis.


I was constantly chasing my tail, trying to complete five different ‘to-do’ lists; I was in over my head.

Davie took the time to help me and coach me through it. We talked about my job, deadlines and home life and started to balance it out. He didn’t just tell me what to do or give me a checklist; he helped me to help myself.

We looked at different strategies which helped me to prioritise and ensure I was in the right frame of mind to complete my deadlines. I knew how to prioritise but being in the right frame of mind – positive, focused and relaxed – was where I needed the help and ultimately, it made all the difference.

Finally, he helped to restore my confidence. I thought I was just giving a half-hearted effort and wasn’t good enough. He assured me that was not the case; I just needed a little help along the way on my journey.

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