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Davie and DMC helped Daniel learn methods he applied daily

If you’re looking to improve your life, then simply go have a chat with this guy, you will be so happy you did.


Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am a songwriter / musician and a full time student.

Davie and myself met about 3 years ago one night when I was busking. Davie was out with his wife Julie, and at first I thought, they where going to give everyone a song, they however said how they enjoyed my music and gave me a tenner! A tenner?! I had made new best pals.

I became friends with Davie and kept in touch with through Facebook. I would often see the posts he would make - always very motivational, and about getting the most from your life or putting yourself in a better poison. All of these sort of ‘self-help / motivation’ ideas where all things I had always been interested in, so I enjoyed seeing someone else being so active about promoting better lifestyle. I had no idea, that Davie was a personal coach amongst other roles, I just new he seemed very motivated and driven, which is why I got in touch looking for some advice.

I was finding that I was very organised, driven, and a lot of the time motivated to achieve what I wanted to achieve. However, I had become counter productive in the sense that, while I was trying to be productive as possible, I found myself in a position of not knowing where to stop. How long should I work for? Should I have fun? How long am I allowed to be spending having fun? What is the point? There seemed to be no direction exactly in why I was doing so much, and putting myself under so much stress.

I was thinking that by doing all these things I would be making myself happier, but it had seemed to be doing the complete opposite. I really needed some sort of advice so I could feel at ease with everything i was doing.

Davie was having a party at his home with some friends, and he had asked me to play music on the night. I came along, and it was a party for me too, rather than a gig I was playing at. Everyone had great night and Davie and myself arranged a one-on-one coaching session for the following week.

I’ve had 2 coaching session and attended the Davie and DMC workshop that Davie held. If anyone has an opportunity to go to one of these, then go! Have a look just now if you can and book one if you can. All of these have such a huge help for me. They allowed me to focus on exactly what it was I was wanting to do with my life. I wasn't just writing vaguely of what I wanted to achieve. I was writing in detail how I would get there. Most importantly, Davie taught me to prioritise my goals. This was vital for me.

I had a list of things I wanted to do, but felt that there was no time to do all of them. Prioritising really was key for me moving forward. The methods that Davie taught me, I have applied daily. For me, I now have a routine in the morning of things that will allow me to make the most of my day. I’ll get up, do ten minutes of yoga, ten minutes of headspace, and write my daily journal. It all takes about 40-50 minutes, but the feeling after in incredible! I tell people daily about how much it helps me, and suggest that everyone does the same.

The sessions with Davie really ‘de-clutter’ all the goings-on in life, and remind you of what your dreams and goals are. The inspiration you will feel after an hour session is incredible! Once the workshop was done, I made a huge decision that I had been contemplating for months!

The many methods that Davie teaches about motivation, and living a happier, more relaxed, productive life have been invaluable to me, and I am truly grateful. I know that Davie is just a phone call away whenever I need to talk to him. Again, I absolutely cannot recommend enough that you book a session with Davie, it will be the first of many.

If you’re looking to improve your life, then simply go have a chat with this guy, you will be so happy you did.

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