Christina's Story

I guess everyone goes through stages of not feeling good enough in a number of aspects of life.

Davie and his team they have helped me become more confident and given me a newfound love for fitness.


I first met Davie and DMC when I began my Miss Scotland journey at the start of summer just as I graduated university. I was feeling extremely nervous about the competition and was not really happy with the shape I was in so I knew I needed to do something if I was going to do well. I did not quite know what to expect, as I had never had a personal training session before and all through university the thought of going to the gym terrified me. I always loved dancing so exercising was not new, but every time I went to the gym I was very intimated by the gym bunnies. I guess those gym bunnies had to start somewhere and luckily for me my start was with Magic Minds

When I arrived I was introduced to Davie and soon realized this was not your normal personal training program. We first spoke about what I wanted to gain from personal training and I obviously wanted to get into better shape. However, the conversation then moved on to how I was feeling about the competition. Davie was so welcoming and easy to talk to that before I knew it I was spilling my heart about how I was feeling about competition, but also other areas I did not feel confident in. In normal circumstances I would only usually share my feelings with close friends. We then moved on to some simple exercises, which weren’t as terrifying as I initially thought they were going to be. Davie also kept on reinforcing that I needed to look after my mind not just my body in order to overcome some of the issues I had day to day so I would be generally happier. After that session I left with some meditation exercises as well as a program to get me ready for the Miss Scotland fitness challenge.

It was difficult in the beginning to get going with the exercises, but with the fitness challenge looming I really got myself into gear and went to the gym up to five times a week. I began to really enjoy going to the gym and the meditation exercises made me feel a lot calmer. In no time I began to see a real difference in my appearance and I no longer felt intimidated by the gym, but outside of that I felt a lot more confident in everyday life. When the day of the fitness challenge arrived, I felt ready and managed to place first in the burpee challenge, second in the squat challenge and second in the overall fitness challenge. If you had asked me how I was going to do before I came to Davie and DMC, I would never have imagined that I would have came second – I was absolutely ecstatic!

I guess everyone goes through stages of not feeling good enough in a number of aspects of life, but thanks to Davie he has helped me become more confident and given me a new found love for fitness.

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