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Are you lacking the necessary motivation and guidance to put you on the road to success?

Davie and DMC are specialists in self-improvement, and can help individuals and workforce teams unlock their potential with expert motivational seminars

Don’t worry, it doesn’t come naturally to everyone but with the right motivational tools you can accomplish anything.

At Davie and DMC, we host motivational seminars that can help you prepare for just about anything. Whether you’re looking for personal motivation to quit the habit and change your lifestyle, want to give your workforce a much welcomed boost in morale, or want to become more successful all-round, why not attend one of our seminars? We can help unlock your potential and give you the tools and tips to get your life and/or work on the route to success.

David McConnachie, the brains behind Davie and DMC, is a master practitioner in NLP, and is also someone who has been through many of the same experiences that his clients face. As one of the top mind coaches in the UK, David’s specialities like in 1-2-1 coaching to give that personal edge, but his group seminar sessions have also been a huge success and proven popular and helpful to those who have attended.

Whether your issue is with public speaking, phobias, stress, weight loss, performance, confidence or whether you would like to improve yourself all-round, Davie and DMC can help. No matter if you’re an individual reaching out and seeking self-improvement, or a chief executive looking to improve the successes of yourself and your team, David reaches out to all levels with the range of seminars available at Davie and DMC.

Contact us today to book a seminar or find out more about how we can help you reach the dizzy heights of success.

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Davie and DMC helped to keep me calm and diffuse my nerves before the competition. Read Mhairi Ferguson's Story

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