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Bobby Jones, Co-Founder of The Masters Tournament once said, “Golf is a game that is played on a five inch course….the distance between your ears”.

So why is it that some are able to completely dominate a sport, while others get used to coming second? While physical strength and ability is crucial to any sportsman (or woman), to become the best you can be at your chosen sport, takes a special mindset. You need to develop the mentality of a champion and that is something not easily achieved without specialised training by someone who understands the power of the mind.

If you’ve ever lost a game, that memory will rattle around your head the next time you’re about to take a crucial shot and the odds are, you will miss. That is the human psyche. So, how do you get past that?

Having turned his life around from clinically obese with an eating disorder, to kettle bell athlete, Thai boxer and marathon runner with a successful business and a rake of high level coaching qualifications, Davie knows a thing or two about discipline and mind control. Combining all of this experience, he has developed comprehensive training methods that take into account everything that you are. From your thinking and eating to your training and resting patterns. He says, “I won’t tell you it will be easy, because it won’t but, with hard work grit determination you can do it. I’ll keep you motivated, on track and focussed, because I know with my help, you can and will achieve your goals, no matter where you are now”.

When you combine the skill set and know-how of a competitive athlete, with that of a Master NLP practitioner like Davie McChonnachie, you get a Davie and DMC combination that changes lives. Golf Pro Jamie Alexander, Head Consultant at United Sports USA says that to be a professional golfer in the modern day game, it is imperative to be in peak physical and mental state to compete at the highest level and that is why he is training with Davie. “What this has done to my golf game is outstanding” he said.

To unlock your Champion, we need to train your mind, just as we would your muscles. Using his wealth of experience and expertise, Davie is a master of this and gets the best out of competitive athletes, time and time again. He is the expert coach who achieves miraculous results on a daily basis and he will coach you to use his unique techniques that tune into you as an individual and help you to break through psychological barriers to gain both the physical and mental strength of a champion…..First to win that battle in your head, followed by certain victory.

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