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Weight Issues

We don’t believe in pulling punches here at Davie and DMC, so we are just going to come straight out with it.

Obesity kills. It is, in most cases, a self-inflicted death sentence. Perhaps you have not fallen into the ‘obesity’ category as yet and you are simply overweight? That is still not ok. Being overweight, you run very real risks of diabetes and hypertension, which are both associated with cardiovascular disease.

Whether you have those last few pounds to lose, or you are struggling with more than that, we will devise the best regime to suit you personally and coach you thorough it, to get you back on track. Check out our testimonials to see for yourself.

When it comes to much more than that, we are fully aware that we live in a day and age where food disorders are very common. A food disorder stems from very personal, individual and complicated issues that are affected by emotions and they are not easily resolved. We say that not to upset you, but to make you aware that these issues are not going to be solved by fads, drinks, shakes and pills. There is no quick fix in the world and there is no magic wand…..but there is Davie and DMC.

Put your trust in us and we will pull you through this dark period in your life. We will put you on the road to health, happiness and longevity and we will do it with proven techniques and programmes that really do work. The difference between us and every other person that says this, is that we have been there. In your shoes, in your ill-fitting clothes, in your confused and restless mind and in your suicidal thoughts. We know what you are going through and we know how to help you…..let us.

You may think ‘I’ve tried everything’. You haven’t, because you haven’t tried us.

You may think ‘it’s too difficult’. We can promise you, even though it won’t be easy, it is doable and we will completely support you on your journey. You may think ‘I’m too old to change’.

You only feel that way because the pounds are putting stress on your body, making you feel older than you are.

You may think ‘what’s the point’. To that we say, life is a precious gift, please don’t waste it.

We know you have cried out for help before and perhaps no-one was listening. We know you believe that you can’t change and we know that you have given up, but we are asking you to give it one more try.

You didn’t find us by accident; you came to this page for a reason - We are listening.

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