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Prevention Is Better Than Cure

In an article published by The CIPD in July 2013, it was stated that the annual cost of sickness absence had reached nearly 29 BILLION for UK Companies. Workers it said, took four times as many days off work than the rest of the world. Here is a direct extract from that article:

“At a time when companies are striving for growth it is vital they address this cost by looking for ways to improve employees’ health, morale and motivation. Allowing greater workplace flexibility could go a long way to helping break the sickness cycle. Forward-looking companies will invest in health and well-being services to tackle the issue before absence starts to hit their bottom lines”.

Are you a forward looking company? 

As a business, you ensure that you have the right equipment for your daily trade and the right people to use it, but often, the one thing that’s not given enough attention is the wellbeing of the people. Sure, most big companies have private healthcare schemes, but these only kick into action once the sickness has occurred. What you need is a private healthcare programme that kicks into action way before that. A programme that keeps everyone healthy and motivated, so that your company runs like a well-oiled machine and also saves you a fortune in lost hours, as well as finance. Wouldn’t that be great?

Well we have the solution……. Davie and DMC Corporate Peak Performance Coaching will ensure your business operates at its peak performance, because its people will.

The brains behind Davie and DMC is Davie McConnahie, who has not only trained renowned athletes and golf professionals, but was also responsible for the coaching and training at senior director level of Virgin Media. Having learned the key to peak performance, he now uses it to unlock your potential both physically and mentally. Our specialised training programme for Corporates works with you as a whole person, one to one. We assess your needs and then develop a programme that is unique to you, based on your circumstance, nutrition, exercise, mindset and potential gains.

In a high powered corporate world, there is a silent killer that goes by the name of stress; It’s a widely publicised fact that stress kills, but what does it do first? Yes, it makes you I’ll. With the correct coaching and training, we can beat stress by building up your resilience to it with a healthy body and mind.

Renowned Coach Davie can and will do that for you. They will expertly guide you AND hold you accountable! The benefit to you is great health and fitness and a boost to your self-awareness & self-belief in all areas of your life. You will also increase bottom line profit, have a company that operates constantly at maximum performance and one that rises above the status quo.

Don’t be a statistic, be a forward thinker.

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Davie and DMC helped me become healthy in mind and body. This has helped by business ten fold. Read Chris' Story

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